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Sensonic Concept Malaysia is in direct contact with Sensonic Global and only retails Authentic and Genuine products from Sensonic Global.

Backend services such as warranty registration online are also available through Sensonic Concept Malaysia Website.

The cornerstone of Sensonic’s culture is “Inspiring Simplicity”. From conceptualization of branding and product design, making things simple and plain spells pure beauty.

Aligning with green-IT strategies, product-design is kept simple without compromising quality and functionality. It also helps to improve product reliability and reduces waste.

Our packaging is kept extremely compact and simple to minimize material usage and transportation, thus contributing our small effort into preserving the environment. 


List of Service Centres 

 NamePhone  State  Country
 Batu Pahat 607-4333 535 Johor Malaysia
 Johor Bahru 607-3522 533 Johor Malaysia
 Kuala Lumpur 603-80233 800 Selangor Malaysia
 Melaka 606-2825 389 Melaka Malaysia
 Penang 604-2266 366 Penang Malaysia
 Kuantan 609-5134 386 Pahang Malaysia
 Miri 6085-660499 Sarawak Malaysia
 Kuching 6082-360 476 Sarawak Malaysia